M, a sketch by and copyright (c) M.M.Mitchell

Hi, everyone! M here.

You might remember me from such pleas for assistance as "Help me pass a class," or "Help my cat see the vet." Well, today I'm here with another plea for another cat.

Meet Quill. He's Gana's baby. He's about 3 years old, super cute, and as I type this, he's at our vet's office. Last night (3/16), he started throwing up, kept doing it every 2-4 hours. We took him in this morning, where they did an x-ray, and couldn't find anything that stood out. Our vet sent the x-rays to a radiologist for a better look.
The vet called back, and he has an obstruction in his upper intestine, and looks like he may have kidney disease. This is really hard news for anyone, but we've lost a cat to kidney disease before, so I'm taking it pretty hard. We're going to see what the options are, but right now, it looks like this is running us about $200, which is $200 more than either Gana or I have. So, I'm asking for some assistance. I have commisions open, please see my deviantArt for examples and pricing.

Thank you, and much love.

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