Shire of Darkwell.

Darkwell, Shire of

The Shire of Darkwell was formerly a local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA), a non-profit, educational medieval re-enactment organization with its headquarters in California. It was first established in 1981 (A.S. XVI) and received its Charter from the Kingdom of Caid in early 1982 (A.S. XVI). [Note, as the SCA was officially founded on 1 May 1966, the SCA Calendar, or Anno Societas, runs from 1 May through 30 April, thus 1 May 1981 C.E. through 30 April 1982 C.E. equals A.S. XVI (16)]

Aislynn and Alaric, along with Leona de Francesco della Perugia, Ymilhault of Pel (aka Maeve ("Mad" Maeve) Muirland of the Tower of Pel), Andras Laszlo, Morgan Trygvisson, Suzanne, Paul, Frank and Martha of Wales, the "Flying Trippoletto's", and others whose names I scarcely recall, were the founding members of the Shire. We had fun.

Our petition to the Crown of Caid was made at the coronation of Gregory of York and Arianyn, November 21, AS XVI, and was granted at 12th Night A.S. XVI

Our first event was to host the Shire of the Isle's anniversary tournament during the first reign of Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst and Natalya Gregorovna- veritable learning experience! We had our own special events as well: the Below the Salt Feasts, the Fools' Feasts, in addition to the usual SCA activities.

A few years later, the Shire of Darkwell disbanded as the various members went separate ways, some to other states, some to other activities, and one, our beloved Lady Leona, who was mundanely a Third Order Carmelite, to her heavenly reward.

A new Shire, Wintermist, has taken root where our Darkwell formerly was known, and there is an annual Darkwell War held near the site of the original Darkwell to this date.

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