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House Amberwood was established by Aislynn of Amberwood in the year A.S. XVI when she first joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA), as a part of the incipient Shire of Darkwell in the Kingdom of Caid.

Alaric Wulfgar, who previously resided within the Shire of Perilous Visions, Kingdom of the West, and then sojourned in Ansteorra and later still in the Barony of Drachenwald, Kingdom of the East; moved to the future Shire of Darkwell upon retuning from military service at the beginning of A.S. XV.

Aislynn met Alaric in the autumn of A.S. XVI (1981 c.e.) through mutual friends who were working to establish a local SCA branch; they were wed in December, A.S. XVI. They remained active in the Shire of Darkwell, along with their daughters, until leaving Caid for the wilds of an Tirin A.S. XXII.

For many reasons, participation within the Society ended following this move; however, in September A.S. XL, the Household rejoined the Society, with the intent of becoming active in the Canton of Porte de L'Eau, Barony of Madrone, Kingdom of An Tir.

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The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

The SCA was founded in 1966 in Berkeley, California by a group of science fiction and fantasy fans who wanted a theme party. Following the party, a group got together to discuss the idea of a medieval re-creation and re-enactment group (which has ended up being much like the Civil War, Revolutionary War or Buck-skinning re-enactment groups that were beginning to form in the US). In Britain, medieval and British Civil War recreation societies had existed for any number of years. The Californians incorporated as a non-profit educational society, started forming groups, and away they went.

The avowed purpose of the SCA is the study and recreation of the European Middle Ages, its crafts, sciences, arts, traditions, literature, etc. The SCA "period" is defined to be Western civilization before 1600 AD, concentrating on the Western European High Middle Ages. Under the aegis of the SCA we study dance, calligraphy, martial arts, cooking, metalwork, stained glass, costuming, literature... well, if they did it, somebody in the SCA does it - except die of the Plague! Strangely enough, there was even an outbreak of that at one of our overnight events...

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