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House Amberwood was established by Aislynn of Amberwood in the year A.S. XVI when she first joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA), as a part of the incipient Shire of Darkwell in the Kingdom of Caid.

Alaric Wulfgar, who previously resided within the Shire of Perilous Visions, Kingdom of the West, and then sojourned in Ansteorra and later still in the Barony (now Kingdom) of Drachenwald, Kingdom of the East; moved to the future Shire of Darkwell upon retuning from military service at the beginning of A.S. XV.

Aislynn met Alaric in the autumn of A.S. XVI (1981 c.e.) through mutual friends who were working to establish a local SCA branch; they were wed in December, A.S. XVI. They remained active in the Shire of Darkwell, along with their children, until leaving Caid for the wilds of an Tirin A.S. XXII.

For many reasons, participation within the Society ended following this move; however, in September A.S. XL, the Household rejoined the Society, with the intent of becoming active in the Canton of Porte de L’Eau, Barony of Madrone, Kingdom of An Tir.

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