Homedon’t people WANT to know?

Well, it appears that the huge out of state contributors to the No on I-522 campaign have managed to buy yet another election.


Their biggest claim was that it would raise food prices. I disagree, companies redesign labels for products with great frequency and that, in and of itself, does not contribute to raising the price of teh goods.

The largest supporters of the No side were the same folk who defeated a similar measure in California earlier this year, and a few years ago also contributed heavily to the repeal of a tax on soft drinks and candy in Washington.

I’ll be honest. I realize that over 90% of the processed foods on the market today are made with GMOs. Most of us realize this. But why are they so afraid of actually putting that on the packaging? If they think GMOs are so safe and great, one would think they would be shouting it on every commercial: “New and Improved! Now made with our latest Science Project!”

But no, they want to hide it and keep it as their dirty little secret.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to look for the labels that already read “GMO-free” and buy those every time I have the choice.


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