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GM: Stuart
Game ran: 2005-2006
Characters are based on 125pts with -40pts of disadvantages and -5pts of quirks. Players can take up to an additional 25pts of “hidden disadvantages” (disadvantages, and in some situations, advantages, to be assigned by the GM). Please just enter this on your character sheet as “hidden disadvantages” with an associated point total.

At the end of the second night of play, all players will be awarded an additional 25points that can be spent on any advantage or skill.

Magic as per Castle Falkenstein and Voodoo are both allowed. Only the races in Castle Falkenstein and lycanthropes are allowed. Martial arts are allowed. The campaign is cinematic.

The SteamPunk/SteamTech books are a core component of the society and are the primary supplemental books for the campaign (pay particular attention to this when purchasing weapons and transportation). See page 121 of CF for most personal possessions.

Year is 1876 (not that anyone of note cares but the Centennial of the United States)

Starting area is in Europe. Specific area will, in part, be determined by party composition. Knowledge from cultures outside central Europe culture requires an unusual background (the colonies in the Americas are still fundamentally culturally European).

Certain advantages are minimum levels of social status as follows:

Magery;VooDoo Societal Role Required Social Status
VooDoo 7 or above Titled and Landed


Magery IV/VooDoo 5 or 6 Titled


Magery III Landed/Descendant of Titled


Magery II//VooDoo 4 Professional/Former service


Magery I/VooDoo 2 or 3 Business Owner




VooDoo 1 Workers/Servants


Laborers/Petty Criminal


Social status above level 2 also requires some code of conduct/duty.

Players must provide an explanation of how they support themselves. Unless otherwise indicated, it is assumed that you work 35hours/week at social status 2 and above and 50hours/week at lower levels. Being sick or taking a holiday means no income for that period. The Independent Income advantage is required if you do not have an ongoing job. Social status does not confer any additional income; if your social status and income are out-of-line, at the very least you need to explain why in your character write-up (advantages or disadvantages may also be required).

Players must provide information on the type of their current residence (hotel room, rented room, boarding house, living above the shop, etc.).


About Weregamer

"Weregaming: a term Ashleigh created circa 1976 when the gaming group at the Defense Language Institute was looking for a name for their unofficial organization. There was already a wargaming group, who focused on SPI's games such as War in Europe, War in the East, War in the West, and War in the Pacific (among many others, but you can grasp the concept). As "our" group focused on the newly emerging Role-Play Gaming, epitomized by TSR's Dungeons & Dragons, I called the bunch were-gamers. Clever pun, yes? No? Ah, well."


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