More on the Amazon FUBAR

Okay–this is an explanation I might buy.  Summary: Amazon has a dumbass system that simply records number of complaints and some third party of dumbasses has been targeting LBGT titles to take advantage of the dumbass system.  That means that … Continue reading →

Vermont APPROVES Marriage Equality! APPROVES Marriage Equality! By a vote of 100-49 the Vermont House of Representatives has overridden Gov. Jim Douglas’ veto! Marriage equality comes to Vermont! The fourth state to approve same-sex marriage, Vermont is the first to do so legislatively, … Continue reading →

From Daily KOS: Big Ag Writes Michelle Opposing WH Organic Garden Big Ag Writes Michelle Opposing WH Organic Garden by Jill Richardson Sun Mar 29, 2009 at 09:08:55 AM PDT OMG, funny stuff. A chemical ag organization (Mid America CropLife Association) got its panties in a twist over Michelle Obama’s … Continue reading →