I’ve stayed by the sidelines with one eyebrow arched as social networks have begun proliferating like algae first among my tweens and teens and then spilling over into full blown adults who almost sheepishly tell me they now have a Facebook and I should too. Yeah, and I’ll be sure to post a picture of my latest nipple piercing as well as the time I got completely blotto and stuck a cigarette in each nostril.

On a related note, also check out Twitter Jumped the Shark This Week by Mark McKinnon:

It’s not a business—and now that Rep. Joe Barton is doing it, it’s not even hip anymore.


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  1. Well, I hate to say it under the circumstances, but the Babe sucked me into Facebook this weekend. (This should be said in a rather small voice.) I’m playing Mousehunt with her and some of the stepkids and a bunch of other people, and having a lot of fun doing so. So ON THE WILD CHANCE THAT YOU SIGN UP FOR FACEBOOK (something that <><>I<><> never thought I’d do, either), look me up. Nipple piercing and all. We can shock some of my many in-laws. 🙂

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